Hot Chocolate Molinillo

A SCOTTISH take on the Molinillo



Perfect gift for every hot chocolate lover! Handmade in Pittenweem by Benjamin Silk Woodwork & Design and sold in The Pittenweem Chocolate Company as a gift with our luxurious hot chocolates.

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Product Description

A uniquely Scottish Molinillo, inspired by the traditional wooden tool used for centuries in Mexican homes for preparing hot chocolate. These are made right here in Pittenweem, by woodturner Benjamin Silk.

To use a Molinillo: submerge the thistle end in either a mug of heated milk or a tall pan of bubbling hot chocolate*. Place the handle between your palms, rolling it back and forth rapidly (like you’re trying to light a fire with sticks)**. This will help combine the milk with the hot chocolate and make your hot chocolate nice and frothy.


*Use with care: hot milk sclads easily.

** Not dishwasher friendly. To clean, simply rinse under hot water straight after use.

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