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Here at the Cocoa Tree and Pittenweem Chocolate Company we are thrilled to have our new website up and running. As you may have seen in last week’s post (here), the old features have had a revamp and there are some great new ones to enjoy too.

For us, one of the best bits is our new online shop – we can’t stop looking at it! A vast selection of our ‘handmade in Pittenweem’ chocolates are now available to buy online. Including our relatively new invention, the Irish Coffee chocolates. Using a coffee and whisky blend, these are boozy little treats that will get your taste buds thumping.

If you’re into your coffee, but like to keep it straight, then take a look at our Cocoa Tree Coffee Blend chocolates instead – filled with the unique blend made for us by Oven Bird Roasters, as served in the Cocoa Tree Café. Then again, maybe Ginger chocolates are more your thing, or a Cardamom Ganache, or perhaps just a plain Chocolate Fish… we could go on and on, but why not take a peek for yourself to see the vast, tempting array we now have online


Sophie x

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Our New Look Website!

Welcome to the brand new, all-singing, all-dancing Pittenweem Chocolate Company website!

It's taken a wee while to get here, but we're delighted to bring you our new-look website, containing more new features than you can shake a chocolate fish at.

To start things off, you'll notice our homepage looks rather different. You'll find a selection of 'featured' products here, plus links to all the other exciting new pages on the site.

Then there's the new chocolate shop: updated with all the usual favourites to buy online – from hot chocolate to whisky liqueurs – plus some new additions, like The Pittenweem Chocolate Co. artisan chocolates.

Next up, our Cocoa Tree Café menu is now online for you to peruse from the comfort of your home, or, in fact, anywhere you can connect to 4G. From our light meals through to our speciality hot chocolates, it's all there.

We still have our highlights of Pittenweem page, plus a list of our stockists, along with a bit about the café and how the Chocolate Company started.

And then there's this blog – Sophie's Journal. Back with a weekly update from The Pittenweem Chocolate Co. and with a whole new look.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and look forward to hearing your comments!

Until next week,
Sophie xx

For the Love of Chocolate

There’s something utterly indulgent about the texture, the taste, the smell of chocolate. Whether you love dark, white, or milk, one bite hits all your senses in one go… It’s not surprising, then, that chocolate – the most sensuous of gifts – is given on Valentine’s day.

But why do we celebrate love on the 14th of February?

It all stems back to the legend of Christian martyr Valentinus, who supposedly sent a letter ‘of affection’ to his jailer’s daughter the night before his execution.

It’s recorded that, in 14th century England and France, poems of love were composed for Valentine’s Day, celebrating Valentinus’s ode. They also celebrated with ‘matchmaking’ lotteries, in which boys’ and girls’ names were drawn from hats, seeing couples paired off.

By the 17th century, gifts and cards became the tradition, and people gave them to their chosen beau. The gifts themselves were lavish and expensive – jewellery being the norm – and so enjoyed more by the higher classes of society.

It wasn’t until Victorian times that the celebration really took off for everyone – present-giving diminished and the giving of elaborate cards took hold, the more extravagant the better. The words held as much meaning as the magnificent card, and people pondered long and hard over the message they were sending. Both men and women cherished these tokens of affection dearly.

Carefully crafted, meaningful cards may be a thing of the past. As are expensive jewellery and lotteries to find love. But, thanks to a certain worldwide chocolate producer in the 1840s, we now associate Valentine’s Day with the giving of chocolate and flowers. It may involve less effort than days gone by, but through chocolate we can treat each other, indulge that special person – whether partner, or best friend – with something meaningful, and decadent, showing them a wee bit of affection to brighten their day.

Happy Valentine’s, folks!

Sophie x

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Wedding Cheer in the Depths of Winter

In November, we were delighted to be part of a photo shoot with Fife’s new and utterly idyllic wedding venue The Cow Shed, found just outside Crail, in the East Neuk.


This converted barn couldn’t make a more romantic venue for your big day, with views out to sea and seating for up to 230. Equally, it’s perfect for a more intimate gathering, or even a special celebration of the BIG-0 kind. As a special supplier for the venue, we can offer wedding-size hot chocolate services to make your special day (or the evening of) warm and wonderfully cosy, for brides, grooms, and guests alike. Take a look…

Lots of love,
Sophie x

Photos © Pedro Everett Photography

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Q&A with… Ovenbird Coffee Roasters

Davide Angeletti of Ovenbird Coffee Roasters Co. – supplier of the Cocoa Tree coffee – talks to us in the first of our Q&As with stockists and suppliers.

We would love to know more about Ovenbird Coffee Roasters, could you sum up your company in a couple of sentences?

Davide Angeletti: At Ovenbird Coffee Roasters we do not know either the purpose of life or why we exist. Neither do we know if the universe is finite or infinite. But here’s what we do know: we try our best not to be sucked into the spiral of the bad coffee world. We’re old-fashioned… about roasting. We rely on highly trained people, not computers, to see through the intention of our roasting style. We are more concerned about the qualities of a coffee that drove us to buy it in the first place: cleanness, sweetness, acidity, complexity. But, above all, we are more interested in the humans behind coffee.

When did you open Ovenbird?

DA: Ovenbird Coffee, as a dream in our mind, started more than a decade ago. However, the birth certificate states 2013.

Where are you based, and why did you choose that spot?

DA: We are based in Glasgow, Scotland. We didn’t choose Scotland. It was Scotland that chose us.

Why did you decide to start up in the coffee business?

DA: Because we didn’t have the cure for cancer or the ability to reduce poverty and hunger. However, if we could help a 900-person co-op in Malawi build a schoolhouse or a hospital with our coffee, of course we were up to it.

Do you go to any events where our readers might find you?

DA: We attend several events throughout the year all over Scotland. It would be impossible to list them all. Our Facebook page is updated fairly regularly.

Which of your beans are your favourite and why?

DA: It’s very difficult to answer this question. Each origin gives us different flavours. I love them all.

What’s your favourite aspect of your day-to-day job?

DA: That we are still as excited as the first day we started.

Any exciting plans for the future you’d like to share?

DA: We have been developing coffee aged in Scottish whisky barrels. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far. It will be available very soon.

And finally, where can our readers find you online?

Website: www.ovenbird.co.uk
Twitter: @ovenbird_coffee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ovenbirdcoffeeroasters


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