There's a reason we love dark chocolate


At the Cocoa Tree Café and Pittenweem Chocolate Company we utterly adore dark chocolate, from the chocolate around our whisky liqueurs, to our famous little fish that come with a cup of our 70% dark, luxuriously thick, Intense hot chocolate. The darker the better: it’s sumptuous!

But it’s not only the taste of dark chocolate that we go mad for. We love the health benefits too. Strange as it may seem, dark chocolate, especially that over 70%, is wonderfully nutritious. It contains a huge amount of fibre (what you need for digestive health), iron (helping to reduce anaemia), magnesium (good for the immune system), copper (great for producing energy), and manganese (good for metabolism). Plus, dark chocolate is absolutely packed with antioxidants – the things you find in fresh fruit and veg that help to keep you healthy and to fight disease.

Bear in mind, we are NOT saying that you should only eat dark chocolate, all day, ever day – everything in moderation, of course – but that chocolate treat you fancy might just be doing you more good than you thought.

Happy chocolate eating,

Sophie x

ChocolateSophie Latinis