GIFT-AWAY! Share Your Sweet Christmas Story...

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A wonderful Book Week Scotland has drawn to a close and we’re now dashing towards the festive season! So, let’s celebrate by sharing a few sweet stories! And if you’re very lucky, Christmas might just come early…

Share a sweet story! Simply tell us your favourite book, film or your own uplifting tale…ideally with a dusting of festive magic! The person whose story melts our chocolate hearts will receive our early Christmas Gift:-

* a copy of romantic bestseller, The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan (published by HQ Stories at Harper Collins)

* a Pittenweem Chocolate Company bookmark

* a packet of our luxurious hot chocolate - handmade in Pittenweem. (note: you may wish to try our ‘Christmas In A Cup’ with orange & allspice)

You can leave your story in the comments on our facebook and instagram page! Or, mail your tale to our chocolate shop and cafe on the high street in Pittenweem.

We’ll give our gift during the first week of December!

After all, giving - and sharing inspiring stories - is at the heart of Christmas spirit…and it’s never too early for that!

Gift image via (drew coffman)