Wild Hearth Bakery - A Rising Star...

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On rainy days, do you reach for comfort food? For many, it means bread and jam, or hot toast lathered in butter. Or, perhaps a slab of sesame and raisin loaf from Wild Hearth Bakery?

Wild Hearth is a wholesale bakery specialising in wood-fired sourdough bread and pastries, using only the finest ingredients, including flour sourced from Scotland The Bread. Recently featured at Bowhouse market, the bakery is now supplying us with their sourdough, croissants during summer and of course, this beautiful sesame and raisin loaf, too.

Our chocolate shop and cafe, in the heart of Pittenweem, is open daily, serving up luxurious, nourishing savouries and sweets. Discover our own collection of chocolates and hot chocolates - handmade in Pittenweem - alongside a menu packed with homemade, handmade, locally sourced, artisan produce and soul food from this rising star…wildhearthbakery.com.

Sophie Latinis