Lights! Camera! Chocolate! A Day Of Scottish Food In Fife...

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Lights! Camera! Chocolate! We’re so delighted to have been featured in ‘A Day Of Scottish Food In Fife’, a vlog review by Daneger and Stacey. The influential couple are ‘digital nomads’ and full-time global travellers who recently found their way onto our shores and into the Cocoa Tree Cafe and we’re still revelling in their heart-melting compliments…

‘that’s amazing’
‘this is rich…i can actually taste the cocoa, it’s proper legit chocolate’’
‘the hot chocolate…it was so, so good’.

The video features the Anstruther Fish BarTayport Distillery and The Newport Restaurant too, so we are in great company - and of course there’s beautiful footage of the East Neuk! You’ll find us 31 seconds in, where Dane and Stacey sample a few of our chocolate specialities.

Thank you again for visiting, Dane and Stacey. Haste ye back!

‘Scotland you stole our hearts 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 From the locals to the lochs and everything in between 🙌🏽 we will without a doubt be back someday. ‘ - Dane and Stacey x