Something for Everyone

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Food allergies and intolerances can make eating out a difficult and, sometimes, dismal experience. But, here at the Cocoa Tree, we completely understand that you want more than just a lettuce leaf if you have a gluten free or vegan diet…

From our scones and brownies that don’t contain gluten, to the soya milk we have available to make our tasty lattes and cappuccinos lacto-free, and our thick mixed bean soup that is vegan friendly – there’s something for just about everyone. Plus, our savoury crêpes are made without gluten or lactose, perfect for all.

Whilst we don’t have a nut-free, gluten-free, meat-free, dairy-free kitchen – we’re a small, cosy café creating lots of baked and chocolaty goods, after all – we do try our hardest to cater to everyone’s needs. So if you have an allergy, let us know when you arrive and we’ll do what we can to ensure you have as a good a time as your dairy-enjoying, wheat-guzzling, meat-eating friends.

(If it’s a quiet time, we may also be able to whip up a quick something for you that isn’t on the menu, ensuring all nuts, gluten, dairy etc. are kept well out of the way.)

All the best, for now,

Sophie x