A Little Taste Of La Dolce Vita…

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Beautiful Italy may be far away but the sweet life is closer than you think….

Experience our ‘Italian Focaccia’ – mozzarella, parma ham, our own pesto, tomatoes & greens on locally baked Barnetts focaccia.

Complete your lunch with a luxurious, handmade hot chocolate...laced with zesty orange!

“The orange hot chocolate with a cinnamon stick was simply the best hot chocolate of my life.”
- Mike Blackburn, reviewed Cocoa Tree Cafe, Sun 12th April 2015

See more of our menu at www.pittenweemchocolate.co.uk

Bye for now,

Sophie xo

PS. the beautiful image of Naples is via Pinterest…but on a sunny day, it could almost be right here in Pittenweem!