Q&A with… Ovenbird Coffee Roasters


Davide Angeletti of Ovenbird Coffee Roasters Co. – supplier of the Cocoa Tree coffee – talks to us in the first of our Q&As with stockists and suppliers.

We would love to know more about Ovenbird Coffee Roasters, could you sum up your company in a couple of sentences?

Davide Angeletti: At Ovenbird Coffee Roasters we do not know either the purpose of life or why we exist. Neither do we know if the universe is finite or infinite. But here’s what we do know: we try our best not to be sucked into the spiral of the bad coffee world. We’re old-fashioned… about roasting. We rely on highly trained people, not computers, to see through the intention of our roasting style. We are more concerned about the qualities of a coffee that drove us to buy it in the first place: cleanness, sweetness, acidity, complexity. But, above all, we are more interested in the humans behind coffee.

When did you open Ovenbird?

DA: Ovenbird Coffee, as a dream in our mind, started more than a decade ago. However, the birth certificate states 2013.

Where are you based, and why did you choose that spot?

DA: We are based in Glasgow, Scotland. We didn’t choose Scotland. It was Scotland that chose us.

Why did you decide to start up in the coffee business?

DA: Because we didn’t have the cure for cancer or the ability to reduce poverty and hunger. However, if we could help a 900-person co-op in Malawi build a schoolhouse or a hospital with our coffee, of course we were up to it.

Do you go to any events where our readers might find you?

DA: We attend several events throughout the year all over Scotland. It would be impossible to list them all. Our Facebook page is updated fairly regularly.

Which of your beans are your favourite and why?

DA: It’s very difficult to answer this question. Each origin gives us different flavours. I love them all.

What’s your favourite aspect of your day-to-day job?

DA: That we are still as excited as the first day we started.

Any exciting plans for the future you’d like to share?

DA: We have been developing coffee aged in Scottish whisky barrels. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far. It will be available very soon.

And finally, where can our readers find you online?

Website: www.ovenbird.co.uk
Twitter: @ovenbird_coffee
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ovenbirdcoffeeroasters


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