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Q&A with… the Little Green Van

Kirstin of the Little Green Van talks to us about their coffee shop on wheels on Edinburgh’s Portobello Prom – where they serve up our luxury hot chocolate, delicious coffees and tasty treats…

We would love to know more about the Little Green Van, could you sum up your company in one or two sentences?

Kirstin: It is the two of us – myself and my partner Terry – plus our bright green vintage Citroen HY van, on the Promenade in Portobello (Edinburgh’s seaside), serving the best drinks and snacks we possibly can.

When did the Little Green Van begin trading?

Kirstin: We’ve been going about three and a half years. We always joke that we’ll get the hang of it eventually, but it’s true – you never stop learning, you never stop trying to improve.

Which idea came first: the van, or selling coffee?

Kirstin: Both at the same time. We love good coffee, we’d thought about a café and we knew where we wanted to be based. But the only option was a van.

You’re based on Portobello Promenade, Edinburgh – why that location?

Kirstin: We live 10 minutes’ walk from where we’re based on the Prom. For years, like hundreds of other families and couples, we had been walking along the Prom, with kids and dogs. There was then only one other place on the Prom which was always busy and tricky with kids and dogs, so we just thought: Aha! What’s needed is a coffee van!

Which of your products is a personal favourite (aside from the Pittenweem Company hot chocolate, of course!)?

Kirstin: I think it has to be a coffee. An espresso, a flat white, or a piccolo latte. We use Artisan Roast beans, and as well as their standard house blend, Janszoon, we always have some single-estate alternatives and they can be sensational.

Food-wise, we have recently started selling empanadillas – little savoury Spanish pasties – which we make, and which are proving really popular.

And all the hot chocolates are gorgeous. But if we had to choose one it would be the Himalayan pink salt & caramel.

How do you find all the lovely products you sell?

Kirstin: We have a rule that we only sell things we really like personally, That makes it easy to be enthusiastic about everything you have.

What’s your favourite aspect of your day-to-day job?

Kirstin: There are two things: firstly the regular customers, many of whom are now good friends. There are periods, sometimes two or three hours on a cold, grey morning, when we are busy and almost every customer is a regular who we know by name. And secondly, those times when a customer comes back to the van 10 minutes after buying something to tell you how great it was. It makes it all worthwhile.

Any upcoming events where our readers might find you / any events at Portobello going on soon?

Kirstin: We don’t go anywhere except Portobello Promenade. We’d feel we were letting our regulars down if we deserted them for another event elsewhere. There’s always something going on in Portobello, particularly in summer.

And finally, where can our readers find you online?

Kirstin: We don’t do a lot of online or social media promotion. OK, being truthful, we don’t do any. We quite like it when people “discover” us by chance. And our regulars don’t need us to be continually bombarding them with “menu spam”. We occasionally post a nice pic of the view from the van on Twitter, that’s about it: @littlegreenvan1

Our New Online Toy
Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 14.27.20.png

Here at the Cocoa Tree and Pittenweem Chocolate Company we are thrilled to have our new website up and running. As you may have seen in last week’s post (here), the old features have had a revamp and there are some great new ones to enjoy too.

For us, one of the best bits is our new online shop – we can’t stop looking at it! A vast selection of our ‘handmade in Pittenweem’ chocolates are now available to buy online. Including our relatively new invention, the Irish Coffee chocolates. Using a coffee and whisky blend, these are boozy little treats that will get your taste buds thumping.

If you’re into your coffee, but like to keep it straight, then take a look at our Cocoa Tree Coffee Blend chocolates instead – filled with the unique blend made for us by Oven Bird Roasters, as served in the Cocoa Tree Café. Then again, maybe Ginger chocolates are more your thing, or a Cardamom Ganache, or perhaps just a plain Chocolate Fish… we could go on and on, but why not take a peek for yourself to see the vast, tempting array we now have online


Sophie x