Moka Milk Luxury Hot Chocolate

Moka Milk Luxury Hot Chocolate


Luxurious moka milk hot chocolate, handmade by the Pittenweem Chocolate Co.

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Handmade by The Pittenweem Chocolate Company, our luxurious chocolate flakes are melted with milk to create a rich, velvet smooth, delicious hot chocolate drink. Enjoy as a morning pick-me-up, a warming drink after a long walk or while curled up before bedtime. Our packets of hot chocolate make a wonderful treat for you, or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.  Also, if you’re in the coastal village of Pittenweem, pop into our cafe and we’ll make a hot chocolate for you!

Gift Idea: Give your loved one a packet of our hot chocolate with a pair of snuggly, soft socks, a fluffy, covered hot water bottle or alongside a hand-picked selection of our artisan chocolates.